Gregory Property Management in Kirland WA


Inspections 2 times per year…and our first inspection is 90 days after your tenant moves in.

Management fees as low as 6%

Gregory Property Management is a residential property management company specializing in single family homes and individual condos in the cities of Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond, Bothell, Mill Creek and the surrounding communities.

We do not manage commercial properties, office buildings, retail space or homeowners’ associations.

Managing single family properties is our specialty and our singular focus.


home inspections

The 90-day inspection is important

The first inspection of your property will be 90 days after the tenant moves into your property. This is the most critical inspection and something you don’t find ANY other property management company does.


If a tenant gets off to a bad start, we are there to correct them and let them know what is expected before they get out of hand.

No other management company performs as many inspections!

With frequent inspections, we can address issues that come up BEFORE they become massive repair bills.  No other management company performs as many thorough inspections as we do!

This is property management done right!

We place quality tenants in your home

We find tenants faster and
our tenants stay longer
3.5 years on average

Your profits increase with less vacancy and less tenant turnover.

In-House Maintenance Saves You Money!

Our in-house maintenance policy provides the prompt service that the quality tenants desire. We save you a lot of money with not having to use an outside contractor for many typical repairs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I have worked with Gregory Property Management for the past two years. I have found them to be excellent managers who provide a personalized service to clients in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this management company to any real estate investor.”

Dr. Dale M.

“I have found them to be knowledge-able, fair, and honest. Found quality tenants, kept me apprised of all issues that crop up, while taking care of them at reasonable cost.”

Mike W.

Property Management News

The Importance of Inspections

  Good property management is more than just making sure tenants pay their rent on time.  In addition to the work involved with maintenance, paperwork, advertising, and compliance, a key part of the role of a property manager is continual inspections to ensure that properties are staying in good shape. Inspections are our best line […]

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Best Tenant Screening Tips For Your Redmond, WA Rental Property

We have screened a lot of tenants over the years, and we want to share some of our most successful techniques so you can save time and manage a more effective tenant screening process as a landlord. There are five questions that we’ll always ask when someone calls to inquire about a vacancy. This is […]

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Should I Sell Or Rent My Home When I Relocate? Kirkland, WA Property Management Advice

When people are moving out of state, they often ask if they should hold onto their property and turn it into a rental home. I get asked this question about three or four times a year, and I thought it would be a good idea to explain why I usually encourage people to keep their […]

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Best Tips For Handling Delinquent Rent Payments – Advice For Landlords In Kirkland, WA

We have a series of steps that landlords in the Kirkland Redmond area can take when they’re handling delinquent rent payments. It starts with tenant communication and ends with eviction, but a lot of things can happen in between. If your tenant is late paying rent, follow these tips. Tenant Communication Contact your tenant on […]

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8 Things Every Lease Agreement Should Cover – Property Management in Redmond, WA

Every lease agreement will have standard clauses and include information such as how much rent must be paid, when it’s due and whether tenants can have pets. Since we are talking about lease agreements, we want to share a few of the things we include that are also important. Smoking Most leases are going to […]

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Why Choose Gregory Property Management In Kirkland, WA

Investors and owners looking for a Kirkland area property management company have several choices. There are a handful of duties that most companies do the same, so today we’re pointing out a couple of things that we do differently at Gregory Property Management in. These are the things that make us your best choice. Faster […]

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Tenant Move In Inspection Report

Question: I recently ended up in small claims court with a tenant. The issue related to differing interpretations of the original condition of the unit as indicated on the move-in inspection checklist. In our case, our units are typically in excellent condition. They regularly have very nice carpets (only a few years old), new paint, […]

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What Does The Landlord Have To Repair ?

Unfortunately, the law is not specific enough to cover everything. We know that the heating, plumbing, cooking, refrigerator must be fixed promptly, but what about the bedroom door that doesn’t close properly, the sagging gate in the back yard, or the big air gap under the front door? You don’t have to fix the bedroom […]

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Property Management Kirkland – Pet Deposit

When accepting a pet, it is a good idea to get a little extra deposit for the potential damage a pet can cause. I prefer to add the pet deposit onto the standard damage deposit as opposed to a separate deposit. That way, all of the deposit can be used for whatever is needed. If […]

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Insurance For Your Rental Property

A couple things I will pass along that has come into play recently in our property management company. Your rental property must have an insurance policy for a rental property. Often times a homeowner will move out of the house, rent it out, and never think to tell their insurance company that it is now […]

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We know how to Market, Present, and Show a property to highlight its best features and find a tenant as quickly as possible.


In depth tenant screening and background check helps find the best tenants.


Selecting a tenant that is a good fit for the property is important. Our average tenant stay is 3 years. This means less vacancy, less turnover expenses, and more income to you.


The first inspection of your property will be 30 days after the tenant moves in. This is the most critical inspection and something you won’t find any other management company does.


We use the best software in the business to help us manage our properties. You will have your own area in our “Owners Portal” where you can view documents and statements for your property.


Saves you money and headaches! You won’t get the late night and weekend phone calls from your tenant…we will.