How We Can Pay For Ourselves

A good property manager should be able to save you, and even make you, enough money to cover some or all of the costs of professional property management.

Find a Tenant Sooner

We know how to show your property so prospective tenants get a sense that there may be other interest in the property. We know how to get a tenant to act. We know how to market a property to those who would most likely be interested.

If we can get a tenant to move in two weeks sooner, we have just made you a half months rent and paid a big portion of the management fees.

How a property manager pays for himself - Kircland property management

Quicker Move In:

Once we have an acceptable applicant, we know how to get them to move in a little sooner, resulting a few days or a few weeks of extra rent.

Quicker Turnover:

When a tenant gives us notice that they will be moving out, we know how to work with the current tenant to successfully market the property while they are still there. We have on many occasions been able to find a tenant to move in just after the old tenant moves out, resulting in little or no lost rents.

Keeping a Good Tenant in Place:

By taking good care of good tenants, we keep them in your home longer. With communication and respect for the tenants rights and needs, we can keep a good tenant in place and paying rent, saving you thousands of dollars in tenant placement fees and lost rents. Sometimes a good tenant must leave for their own reasons, but a good property manager should always have the goal of keeping your tenant in place.

Limiting Tenant Damage/Wear and Tear:

First, by inspecting the tenant after the first 30 days of their occupancy, we can avoid some of the bad habits from a tenant that will result in damage to the property. This saves you money on maintenance and repairs.

Controlling Repairs & Maintenance:

We have a strong background in home construction and household systems. When a tenant calls with a repair request, this background helps us to determine what type of a repair is needed. Based upon years of experience: Do we need an electrician, a handyman, or maybe your property manager can pay a visit and fix it for free? We save our property owners hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars every year on repairs and maintenance.

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