What We Do Differently

What we do differently to get your property rented and to keep it safe

The list of tasks for finding a tenant, placing a tenant, and managing a property on a monthly basis is long and you probably have a good idea of the basics. So, let’s focus on what we do differently than other property management companies and how that benefits you.

90-day inspection

what we do differently at Gregory Property ManagementThis is Big! No other property management company does it. 90 days after the tenant moves in, we will return and perform our first inspection with the tenant. Many management companies will only inspect a property once the tenant moves out, or they make you pay more for inspections!

This means a tenant may have been smoking in the property for a year, or may have moved in pets that we did not agree to…or worse. The 90 day inspection is designed to catch things before they get out of hand and out of control. It lets our tenants know that we will be there if they need us, but more importantly that the care and condition of your property is our priority.

Detailed New Tenant walkthrough and orientation

On our first Tenant Inspection, we take the time to walk through the inside and the outside of your property to educate our new tenant on what is expected of them in terms of care and maintenance of your property.

We explain how things work and how to avoid potential damage to the property. We remind them that changing the furnace filters is their responsibility and we show them how to do it. We show them where the emergency shut-off is for the natural gas and for the water. We talk about what to do and what the tenant’s obligations are in case of an emergency.

After the walk through, our tenant will have learned some things about home maintenance that they probably did not know before. They will also know that we have expectations of them, that we will be checking in on them, and that your property is our top priority.”

We use the best software in the business:

You will have access to your own Owners Portal that lets you look at past and current statements as well as any other related documents. Our tenants love the software because they can see their account online and they can pay rent directly through their Tenant Portal. We have seen a decrease in late rent payments due to the Rent Payment software system. This software also helps us create professionally-designed internet marketing materials for your property.

Geographic service area:

We only manage properties within a reasonable distance to our office. If your property manager is too far away from your property they are not as likely to drive by to see how the yard looks, to help a new tenant learn the property, or to check on a repair request before sending out a repairman. We insist on providing the best service in the business and we know that you will not get that if your property is too far away.

Carpet cleaning:

You would be surprised how many tenants believe that soiled carpets are normal wear and tear and do not require cleaning. The courts have not been clear on whether dirty carpets are considered normal wear and tear or not, but they have enforced lease contracts that specifically require carpet cleaning so long as the carpets were cleaned when a tenant moved in.

In our Lease contract, the tenant agrees to have the carpets professionally cleaned a minimum of once per year, and when they move out. Of course, it does not guarantee that it gets done, but it certainly increases the chances and gives us some leverage to enforce the agreement.

We check on repairs:

A property manager who sits in the office calling a repairman every time there is something wrong at your property is costing you money. If a tenant calls with a repair request, we first try to walk them through common causes and solutions. This alone can save many repair costs, and your property manager must have a strong knowledge of home construction and the way the systems in your home work.

If it is not obvious that we need a certain type of repairman, we will visit the property to investigate and make sure we know what the problem is and what is a likely solution. Sometimes we are able to solve the problem on the spot with no charge to you. This also gives us another opportunity to go inside the property and see how things are being taken care of. An extra interior inspection is never a bad thing.

Move out communication:

Our outgoing tenants receive a Move-out Letter about two weeks before their scheduled move. This letter outlines what type of cleaning and maintenance is required of them prior to return of their security deposit. This simple letter greatly decreases disputes with outgoing tenants and it helps cut the turnaround time when we have another tenant waiting to move in. The sooner the next tenant can move in, the sooner you start collecting rent.

Seasonal reminders:

Throughout the year, your tenants will receive a letter reminding them of maintenance and care issues that are their responsibility.

Spring: “don’t let the gardening get out of hand”
Summer: “tenant must water lawn and plants”
Fall: “change furnace filters, check rain gutter”s
Winter: “change furnace filters, keep the pipes from freezing.”

This simple communication helps avoid disputes with your tenant and damage to your property.

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