Maintenance Must be Controlled

Maintenance Must be Controlled in rental homesWhether it is touch up painting before a new tenant moves in, cleaning the gutters in the Fall, or a simple repair to the toilet hardware…. every property will, at some point, require maintenance and repair. This is an expense that a property owner should expect as part of operating an investment property. When that time comes, you want to be sure that you are getting the best value and only necessary repairs are being performed.

We will keep your repair and maintenance expenses low

Home Repair & Maintenance is our maintenance company working only on the properties managed by Gregory Property Management. By having this control, we can be sure that the contractor working on your property is licensed and bonded and is only doing necessary work… and at discounted rates.

A complaint we hear often from property owners new to our company is that a repair was done without first being assessed by the property manager, resulting in a large bill from a specialty contractor when a handyman could have done the job at a much lower rate.

You should insist on property manager who knows construction, plumbing, electrical…and all the systems of a home…not a property manager who sits in the office and makes a phone call to a repairman every time the tenant calls with a problem. This can get very expensive, very fast, and you can do that yourself.

We have extensive background and knowledge in home construction, troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and acceptable repair procedures.

Sometimes, a quick fix is all that is needed.

When a tenant calls with a problem or a repair request, we will first assess the urgency…does it have to be done right now. We will then assess the problem. Can we walk the tenant through troubleshooting and a quick fix? A property manager with knowledge and experience in all phases of construction and home maintenance can save you a lot of money right here. If the problem is undetermined, we will visit the property to see the problem firsthand before calling for a repair.

There are different levels of repairmen and contractors.

Specialty contractors would be the Plumber or Electrician. Many repairs do not need a Specialty contractor and their higher repair rates. Do we really need a plumber and their higher hourly rates to repair the dripping faucet or replace a toilet flush valve? A good Maintenance/handyman can perform many repairs at a considerably lower hourly rate.

A tenant can spend your money:

The Landlord tenant laws allow a tenant to call for repairs and pay for it out of rent if you or your Property Manager do not respond and take action within the designated time frames. Another reason it is important to have a Property Manager who is knowledgeable in all areas of home construction and repair....and a designated maintenance and repair staff.

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